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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


Neuromuscular Therapy- for specific areas of pain. A therapeutic, medium to deep pressure massage to help relieve compressed muscles and areas of chronic pain, so you can be at your peak again.  This treatment comes with a posture analysis and a complimentary pelvic stabilization to balance the hips and legs.  60 min $75 90 min $95

Trigger Point Therapy- a deep pressure, theraputic massage to find the root of your pain. It will give you the relief you need in your sore, tight muscles. Great for headaches and neck pain. 45 min $55 or 60 min $75

Deep Tissue Massage- a full body massage to relax and loosen sore muscles.  A delightful mix of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, along with more relaxation techniques. 30 min $45 or 60 min $75 or 90 min $95

Swedish massage- handed down for generations, a medium pressure massage designed to relax the mind and body. An overall feel good massage that will leave you floating. 60 min $70 or 90 min $90

Hot Stone massage-A purely heavenly experience. A relaxing massage using hot stones along with pure therapeutic essential oils. It will loosen and warm your muscles and rest your mind. 90 min $95

Mother to be massage- for mother and baby, this relaxing massage will leave you feeling calm and centered.  Special body pillow allow mother to lay on her tummy, allowing her to completely relax. Please let therapist know your stage of pregnancy when making appointment. 60 min $75

Raindrop Therapy- a very light pressure blissful, relaxing massage using 9 theraputic grade essential oils.  The oils are used as raindrops on the back and feet.  This will help bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment and balance.  This treatment is great for boosting your immune system and helping you feel more grounded.  85 min $95

Emotional Release massage-It's found now that much disease and pain can be due to unresolved emotional pain or trauma.  This technique uses prayer and essential oils to release emotional trauma out of the limbic system (the part of the brain that controls emotions, long term memory, and behavior).  This is a specialized session where the client and therapist will discuss what the client would like to work through.  75min $85


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